What I see on a regular basis.

Gloomy Edmonton

For purely selfish photographic reasons, we need more gloomy, rainy days in Edmonton.

Charles Camsell Hospital

It's been about a year and a half since I lasted visited the hollow behemoth once known as the Charles Camsell Hospital. The CCH (I'm lazy, sue me!) has to rank as one of the coolest ruins within the city. It has been abandoned since 1996, and most floors have been completely gutted (though the basement still had some intact rooms in 2007). For those who want to see it, it is located east of Groat Rd, in between 118th and 111th Aves.


Also, I found this awesome parking garage on 104th St between Jasper and 100th Ave.

I can't believe I haven't noticed this before.

The Dirty Season

Yes, the period between the start of the spring thaw and when street cleaners and chlorophyll perform their synergistic beautification. It's ugly, dirty, dusty and, most importantly, makes for some good shooting. Though, as much as I appreciate the subject matter, the streets look like a fucking pigsty.

Rochfort Bridge

Joel and I decided last Sunday to get the hell out of Edmonton (yay!). We headed northwest to Rochfort Bridge (near Mayerthorpe). There lies a big wooden rail trestle spanning a small river valley. It's a very cool structure, with the symmetry of the latticework and texture of the wood quite visually impressive. I still find Lethbridge's trestle to be a more fascinating structure, but it's definitely worth a peek if you are architecturally inclined. It was a fun trip, but the weather was way fucking colder than I expected, and the snow surrounding the bridge, too deep. Which reminds me, March is the biggest fraud month of the year. Spring, my ass.

Shout Out Out Out Out Pics

I shot some pics during the Sunday show of Shout Out Out Out Out's album release party along with Mat and Paolo.

Fantastic show!